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Date : August 22, 2023
Category : Restorative Dentistry

Broken Tooth Reconstruction – Effective Treatment at Oak Korner Dental

A broken, chipped, or cracked tooth is a serious dental concern that will need immediate attention. Even if your damaged tooth isn’t causing any pain, it will develop complications in the future. The good news is that tooth reconstruction treatment is an option for your broken, chipped, or cracked tooth. Effective treatment from Dr. Erwan Jerger can give you a memorable smile that’s both healthy and aesthetically pleasing.

Learn about the types of damage that lead to tooth reconstruction and book your consultation at Oak Korner Dental for reliable treatment options.

Chipped Tooth – A Minor Dental Concern that can Become Serious

A chipped tooth is often superficial, meaning that the damage won’t cause any functional issues. You could even chip a tooth without experiencing any pain.

A chipped tooth is a tooth that has a small piece of material broken off the edge, but most of the tooth will remain intact. It’s important not to ignore a chipped tooth, even if you only consider it to be a cosmetic issue. Chips weaken the tooth and cavities will be more likely to form, which can lead to damage in the pulp and nerve. A severely chipped tooth may cause immediate pain, indicating that the softer layers of the tooth are already exposed.

The most common way to repair a chipped tooth is to fill the defect and polish it, creating the appearance of a healthy and natural tooth. Modern composite materials can be shade-matched to your natural tooth enamel, so you won’t have to worry about the tooth repair being visible.

Broken Tooth – The Most Severe Form of Damage Requiring Immediate Tooth Repair

A broken tooth is more severe than a cracked or chipped tooth. When a tooth is broken, it means that a significant portion of the tooth has fractured and broken away. This can be caused by underlying decay, trauma, or a crack that hasn’t been treated.

The approach to broken tooth repair depends on the unique case. An overlay (a type of large filling) can be used to seal the tooth and restore its structure and shape. In severe cases, a dental crown may be necessary.

Sometimes it isn’t possible to save a broken tooth. In this case, you will have options. The broken tooth could be extracted and then replaced by a dental bridge supported by adjacent healthy teeth. You could also consider a dental implant to replace the tooth. All suitable tooth repair treatment options will be explored during your consultation with Dr. Jerger at Oak Korner Dental.

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