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Date : June 26, 2023
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Dental Crowns Oakville – Oak Korner Dental

Dental crowns Oakville are among the most common restorations performed by our team. Dental crowns Oakville have a variety of uses, from protecting damaged and weakened teeth to completing a root canal procedure.

Learning about the benefits of crowns as well as the different dental crown types can help you to prepare for your treatment at Oak Korner Dental, our dental clinic in Downtown Oakville.

What’s the Procedure for Placing Dental Crowns?

The procedure could look a little different depending on the specific case, but there are a few basic steps that are used in most scenarioss.

  1. The area around the tooth will be numbed with a local anesthetic for your comfort.
  2. Some of the enamel will be filed to make room for the crown.
  3. An impression will be made and sent to the dental lab.
  4. A temporary crown will be placed to protect the tooth.
  5. When the custom crown is ready, the temporary crown will be replaced.
  6. The permanent crown will be bonded with dental cement, ensuring a stable and aesthetic restoration.

It usually takes at least two visits to the dental office for the placement of a single dental crown. The number of visits is similar when comparing dental crown vs. veneer treatment.

Crown Lengthening Cost

In some cases, a crown lengthening cost may be added to the treatment. Crown lengthening cost is necessary when there isn’t enough tooth exposed to support a dental crown. A procedure will remove excess gum tissue from around the tooth.

Crown lengthening cost is moderate when considering the rest of the treatment. Crown lengthening cost typically isn’t covered by basic dental plans, but there is a range of payment options available so that you can get the treatment you need.

Learn about crown lengthening costs and other specifics of your treatment by talking to our team today.

Dental Crown vs. Veneer – Know the Differences

Although sometimes confused, there are major differences between dental crown vs. veneer treatment.

  • Veneers are thin caps placed on the surfaces of front teeth for cosmetic reasons.
  • Crowns are full covers for teeth that both restore and enhance the aesthetic.

In terms of the cost of dental crown vs. veneer treatment, this varies from case to case. Durability is similar when comparing dental crown vs. veneer treatment. High-quality crowns last around ten years or more, while porcelain veneers last around the same. The durability of crowns vs. veneer treatment can depend on the specific procedure.

Whether you need dental crown vs. veneer treatment depends on your unique needs and goals. Start discussing your dental concerns with Dr. Erwan Jerger today.

Treatment with dental crowns Oakville can restore your smile while protecting it for years to come.

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