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Date : September 20, 2023
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Implant Supported Dentures – Tooth Replacement with Your Oakville Dentist

Implant supported dentures are a reliable and permanent solution to treat tooth loss. Unlike traditional dentures that sit on the gums and use adhesives or brackets, implant supported dentures are supported by posts surgically implanted into the jaw. This allows them to firmly stay in place with superior technical performance and durability.

You might be an ideal candidate for implant supported dentures. Learn more about this potential treatment with Dr. Erwan Jerger, your experienced Oakville dentist.

The Surgical Procedure

The procedure can be broken down into a few simple steps. The specific timeline and details will depend on your unique case and will be discussed in detail during treatment planning with Dr. Jerger, your Oakville dentist.

1. Any decayed teeth and fragments will be extracted to make way for dental implants.
2. Grafting might be necessary if you have a thin or soft jawbone. This improves the quality of the jaw and can prevent implant failure.
3. Implants will be placed in a surgical procedure. Small guide holes will be made in the jaw and implants will be inserted.
4. A period of healing occurs over several months while the bone integrates around the dental implants.
5. After healing, abutments will be attached to the implant posts. These will support the overdenture with a special attachment system.

Some systems have the overdenture placed permanently by your Oakville dentist. These are only removable at the dental office for cleaning and maintenance. Other systems use snap on dentures that can be removed at home for cleaning.

Considering Implant Dentures Cost Relative to Durability

Implant dentures cost more than traditional dentures when looking at identical treatment goals. However, it’s important to keep the implant dentures cost in perspective with the durability of the restoration.

Implants can be maintained for a lifetime. With maintenance and frequent checkups with Dr. Jerger, your Oakville dentist, you could see the implant posts last indefinitely. The prosthetic overdenture attachments typically need replacement every 15 to 20 years on average. Some small and affordable components like nylon o-rings need to be replaced more often but the cost is negligible compared to the initial implant dentures cost.

Looking at everything over time, the total implant dentures cost is reasonable considering that you’ll have a permanent solution that treats tooth loss. We can work with your insurer, and we offer a range of payment options to ensure that you can have access to the right treatment for your needs.

Begin Your Consultation to Find Out if Implant Supported Dentures are Right for You

Dr. Erwan Jerger is an experienced Oakville dentist and is ready to begin your consultation and treatment planning. Benefit from his attention to detail and considerate care and learn about the best options for tooth replacement that apply in your case. Book an appointment at Oak Korner Dental today and take the first step towards restoring a healthy and memorable smile.

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