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Date : September 20, 2023
Category : Dental Restorations

PFM Bridges for Dental Restorations

If you’re seeking a reliable option for dental restoration, you can consider PFM bridgework with Dr. Erwan Jerger, your Oakville dentist.

Porcelain fused to metal bridges, more commonly known as PFM bridges, are well-known for their excellent aesthetics, durability, and reasonable cost. They can provide a range of advantages that make them ideal for the needs of many patients. Explore these benefits and learn more about PFM bridgework for tooth replacement at Oak Korner Dental.

Why Should You Consider PFM Restorations?

When exploring your treatment options with your Oakville dentist, you’ll be given professional advice based on your unique dental concerns. Dr. Jerger will provide an overview of the potential treatments with detailed explanations of the benefits that are specific to your case. Understanding more about PFM restorations can help you to make an informed choice.

  • Strength and durability are two of the key reasons that PFM restorations are favored by both dental professionals and their patients. The metal framework provides the necessary strength while the porcelain layer is also durable and resistant to the conditions that exist in the mouth.
  • The aesthetic appeal of PFM restorations is another key reason that patients like this type of treatment. Porcelain is one of the best materials for tooth restoration because it looks and feels natural. This material has a slight translucency which makes it appear similar to tooth enamel.
  • The strength of PFM restorations means that they are suitable for multiple missing teeth in a row. It’s common to have up to three teeth replaced with PFM restorations, although up to four could be replaced with a single unit in the most ideal cases.
  • You might also appreciate the relatively conservative approach to the treatment. PFM restorations require some preparation and filing on the anchoring teeth, but this is as invasive as the treatment gets. For many patients, this compares favorably to the surgical intervention that is needed for dental implants.

Getting Help to Find the Perfect Restoration with Your Oakville Dentist

Choosing the best dental restoration for your needs is a significant decision. It’s important that you have a detailed consultation with your Oakville dentist so that all of the options can be covered in detail.

Dr. Erwan Jerger is your Oakville dentist with more than 18 years of experience providing compassionate, detailed, and reliable care. Dental bridges made using porcelain fused to metal could be ideal for your case, especially if durability and longevity are two of your major concerns. You can also consider other tooth replacement options including dental implants that could work better for your specific dental concerns. Having options is always important, especially when you consider how critical it is to have a healthy and functional smile.

Book your appointment to learn more about PFM bridges at Oak Korner Dental today. You’ll appreciate the in-depth consultation process and comprehensive treatment planning designed to provide reliable results. Your dental health is one of the most important aspects of your overall health. Choose an experienced local team whenever you need quality dental care.

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