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Date : September 20, 2023
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Tooth Supported Dental Bridges – Restorative Treatment at Oak Korner Dental

A missing tooth can have a significant impact on your quality of life. Tooth loss can lead to pain, infections, difficulty in chewing, and may even increase the risk of losing more teeth. Getting effective restorative treatment to replace a missing tooth or teeth can repair your smile while addressing your aesthetic and functional concerns.

Tooth supported dental bridges are a proven method for replacing missing teeth. Both reliable and durable, this is one of your potential options for treatment with Dr. Erwan Jerger at Oak Korner Dental. Discover all the dental bridge advantages and prepare for your detailed consultation and treatment with Dr. Jerger and his team.

Dental Bridge Advantages

The underlying advantage of this type of restorative treatment is the effective treatment of tooth loss. More specifically, four key areas stand out.

1. Most important of all the dental bridge advantages is the fact that having this treatment can restore the functionality of your smile. You’ll be able to chew, speak, and smile with ease and confidence. This benefits your overall oral health while also restoring your quality of life.

2. The treatment can help to preserve adjacent teeth. Gaps in your smile can lead to tooth movement and eventual tooth loss. One of the primary dental bridge advantages is being able to maintain your smile.

3. Treatment with dental bridges improves the aesthetic of your smile, which can have a significant effect on your confidence and sense of self-esteem.

4. Durability and ease of care are considered some of the most significant dental bridge advantages. You can brush, floss around the bridge unit, and rinse as normal. You won’t need any special care or adjustment outside of your regular checkups with Dr. Jerger, your Oakville dentist.

The Dental Bridge Process for Replacing Teeth with Your Oakville Dentist

Everything starts with your free consultation. Dr. Jerger, your Oakville dentist, will examine your teeth and take scans to help plan the procedure.

  • The anchoring teeth will be prepared so that crowns can fit flawlessly.
  • An impression will be taken so that the custom prosthesis can be made in the dental lab.
  • A temporary bridge can be put in place to protect your prepared teeth.
  • Once the permanent prosthesis is ready (this can take up to two weeks in most cases), it will be fitted and adjusted before being secured with special dental cement.

Replacing teeth with your Oakville dentist will complete your smile and restore function to your mouth.

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