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Date : July 18, 2023
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Treatment with Veneers in Downtown Oakville

If you want a more consistent smile with bright and attractive front teeth, veneers in Downtown Oakville could be perfect for you. Veneers are used for cosmetic reasons and work by correcting stained, discoloured, cracked, and chipped teeth. Porcelain veneers look and feel natural and can be maintained for years so that you can have confidence in your smile.

Veneers are thin caps that are bonded to the fronts of teeth, covering cosmetic imperfections for a fuller and more consistent smile.

Dr. Erwan Jerger is a dentist in Downtown Oakville, offering a range of cosmetic treatments, including dental veneers. Learn more about veneers in Downtown Oakville and book your appointment to start exploring your options today.

The Advantage of Veneers in Downtown Oakville

There are significant advantages that come from having treatment with veneers. Dr. Jerger, your dentist in Downtown Oakville, will discuss these in detail during your consultation.

Primary advantages of veneers in Downtown Oakville include:

  • Covering your front teeth that are heavily stained or discoloured.
  • Treating superficial cracks and chips in your teeth.
  • Correcting issues with shape, spacing, and gaps in your teeth.
  • Giving you a consistent smile that will bring you confidence.

While this is considered a cosmetic treatment, there are functional advantages to having veneers with Dr. Jerger, your dentist in Downtown Oakville. Loss of tooth enamel occurs with age and can lead to increased sensitivity. With veneers, your teeth will be protected from further damage. Treatment can also prevent chips and cracks from worsening and compromising your oral health.

Veneers are often compared to dental bonding. Both types of treatments are used for the same concerns. Veneers cost more than bonding but can last longer. In the case of porcelain veneers, it could take ten to fifteen years before the veneers need to be replaced. Bonding typically lasts just three to five years or up to ten years in the best scenario.

Even though veneers cost more than bonding, the enhanced durability and a more natural aesthetic are worth it for many patients.

Dental Crown vs. Veneers – What’s the Difference?

As you’ve researched your cosmetic treatment options, you may have considered a dental crown vs. veneers. Diving deeper into this topic will reveal that there are significant differences between these treatments.

Looking at a dental crown vs. veneers, it will soon become clear that the former refers to restorative treatment, while the latter is a primarily cosmetic treatment. Dental crowns are designed to repair heavily damaged teeth by replacing the top section with a prosthetic cap, known as the crown.

It’s not a case of finding the alternative when comparing a dental crown vs. veneers. If you need tooth restoration, a crown might be right for you. However, if you are looking to improve your front teeth for cosmetic reasons, veneers are the correct choice.

Book Your Consultation for Veneers in Downtown Oakville

Veneers in Downtown Oakville could be the perfect choice if you want to enhance the aesthetic of your smile by correcting issues with colour, shape, size, cracks, or chips in your front teeth. Book your consultation with Dr. Erwan Jerger, a cosmetic dentist in Downtown Oakville. With a detail-oriented approach, Dr. Jerger will determine the best treatment plan to address any of your functional or cosmetic dentistry concerns.

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