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We welcome patients transferring from other dentists in Oakville, anywhere else in Canada, or even from across the world. If you’re a new resident in Oakville, or if you’re simply looking for a new Oakville dental office, we have you covered.

Oak Korner Dental offers comprehensive dental care with Dr. Erwan Jerger and his experienced team. We are ready to welcome new patients and will deliver care with kindness, compassion, and technical excellence no matter the procedure.

We understand that visiting dentists in Oakville can be a stressful experience, especially when you’re seeking a pediatric dentist in Oakville. No matter the age, there can be some anxiety surrounding treatment. We make things easier with a warm and welcoming environment where you will feel comfortable from the moment you walk through our door.

Services With Dr. Erwan Jerger in Downtown Oakville

Dental Implants in Oakville with Dr. Jerger

Dental implants in Oakville are recommended for tooth loss. More reliable than crowns and bridges, and more functional than traditional dentures, dental implants in Oakville are a permanent replacement.

You can get a detailed consultation for dental implants in Oakville with our team. We will evaluate your suitability for implants, based on the stage of tooth decay or loss. The priority is always to save natural teeth, but this isn’t always an option. We’ll ensure that dental implants in Oakville give you the aesthetic and function that you need to smile freely every day.

There is a range of treatment options available to new and existing patients at our Oakville dental office.

  • All-on-4 implants are often the ideal solution for extensive tooth loss. Permanent dentures are attached to four implants placed along the ridge.
  • Single-tooth implants are suited to most patients when a permanent tooth loss solution is required.
  • If more than one tooth is lost in a row, a bridge prosthetic can be supported by two dental implants, ensuring a great look and feel while limiting bone loss in the jaw.

Learn about the best solution for your case by booking an appointment at our Oakville dental office.

We can also take care of implants that have been placed at another clinic. As a full-service dental provider, we are ready to meet any of your needs.

We Can Request Your Records from Your Previous Dentists in Oakville

If you’re transferring from another clinic, our team can request patient records from other dentists in Oakville, with your written permission. We can also acquire international records if you provide us with your previous dentist’s name and contact details. Note that there may be additional documentation requirements to get access to these records.

We don’t just rely on records from other dentists in Oakville. New Patients are evaluated with a comprehensive oral exam so that we can understand their health and dental needs. This initial examination will help us to plan routine care and treatments moving forward.

Clear Aligners with a Children’s Dentist in Oakville

Many of our new patients are children and adolescents. As adult teeth come through, there can be problems with spacing and alignment. Clear aligners are available as an alternative to orthodontic treatment with braces. Dr. Jerger is a children’s dentist in Oakville. As a father himself, he knows how to provide the best care with a comforting and professional chairside approach that helps younger patients to relax.

A Pediatric Dentist in Oakville for Any of Your Family’s Dental Concerns

Kids need special care for their teeth. The early stages of development are important and can influence how healthy the teeth, gums, and jaws will be in adult life. If you need a pediatric dentist in Oakville, you can book an appointment at Oak Korner Dental. We offer services from routine checkups and professional cleaning services to tooth extractions, fillings, bonding, and wisdom tooth removal.

No matter your need for a pediatric dentist in Oakville, we will ensure that your entire family gets expert care.

Patient-Specific Care at Our Oakville Dental Office

New patients at our Oakville dental office will appreciate our individualized approach to dental care. You deserve the high-quality treatments and meticulous planning offered by Oak Korner Dental. Schedule your consultation today.

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